Introducing The Flaco – The Stevie Perez Pro Model Shoe

After years of work in the streets, Stevie has deservingly earned a shoe with his name on it. Like Stevie’s skating, The Flaco was designed with style and ability in mind. It’s a shoe that can withstand weeks of skating due to it’s suede/rubber CoBound ollie area, and it’s minimal branding looks clean on and off the board. It is built with the skater’s skater in mind, with design nods to Lakai classics such as the Howard Select from 2006.

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Bryan Schaefer No Hotels

Bryan Shaefer’s part from the central Florida based video “No Hotels” by Plus Skateshop.

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GoPro Skate: Road Trip New Zealand – “Renegade Camping” – Ep. 1

In Ep. 1 we start the road trip in Wellington where Danny Brady and Andrew Brophy find a hilltop DIY skate spot. Mikey Taylor, Sean Malto and Don “Nuge” Nguyen join in as we venture to the South Island, skating a double set and find out what it means to “renegade camp” in New Zealand.

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HD22 – John Wilson

John Wilson has been dropping edits out of New York City non-stop, checkout HD22!

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Chad Poore – No Hotels

Chad Poore’s part from the new Plus Skateshop full length out of Orlando, Florida.

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The Four Wheels Rolling Video [FULL VIDEO]

A Long Island skateboarding video. Featuring Anthony Ruggiero, Sammy Ruggiero, Tom Durante, Alex Fader, Roberto Munoz, Kurt Hallman and Nick McDonough.

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Ramshakle Skateboards “Get Shakled”- Ray Macken

Ray Macken’s Part from Ramshakle Skateboards full length video “Get Shakled”.

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Mini VIP: Sam Ogden

Somehow Sam put together this part in three days, just shows how much this young gun kills it. Keep a look out for this one in the future.

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