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Ben Hess – FEB street skating – Landshark Wheels

Ben Hess does some damage to the Milwaukee streets on a warm February afternoon Landshark Go! Video cred Tim Olson.

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Santa Cruz Skateboards: Lunch Bag Art Series

Santa Cruz Skateboards is proud to offer the Lunch Bag Art series featuring Jason Jessee, Eric Dressen, Salba and Tom Knox by Lucas Musgrave. Three years ago, Santa Cruz Art Director, Lucas Musgrave aka Goon, started drawing on his sons lunch bags in the morning before school. With over 300 lunch bags under his belt, […]

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Justin Henry’s 2015 part filmed and edited by Joseph Charlton. Cover photo by Mac Schafer.

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ZOO YORK’s Ron Deily, Gavin Nolan, Dave Willis and Chaz Ortiz escape the East Coast winter to shred the legendary streets of San Francisco.

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** SLS Pick 4 ** Chris Joslin

Chris Joslin was raised by his grandmother in Hawaii Gardens, CA. Chris is a true skate rat and seems to never take a break from skating and filming – dropping multiple video parts for his sponsors, posting skate clips everyday on his Instagram and let’s not forget his legendary Plan B TRUE part that dropped […]

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The Story of Vans: Teaser | VANS

On March 16th, 2016 Vans will launch the Story of Vans, celebrating 50 years of milestones. Watch the 2D animation story following the milestones in the brand’s origins in action sports, art, music and fashion.

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Pop Higher Ollies With Science – Spencer Nuzzi & Paul Schmitt

Spencer Nuzzi meets up with Professor Paul Schmitt to learn how science can help him get more pop and ollie higher. With a better understanding of the physics, you can learn how to pick out the right board or customize your current skateboard. These changes can help you ollier higher or like in our next […]

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6 Minutes of Worldwide Shredding: 2015 Highlights | Red Bull Skateboarding

2015 saw its fair share of heavy ripping, and to be honest we’re pretty stoked that we were no stranger to that fact. Red Bull sent some of the most eclectic crews to the most unexpected areas of this planet just for the simple pleasure of having a roll where no urethane wheel had slid […]

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